SAGA-Property version 2.10.0 has been released. You can see current version number of SAGA at the login page for your office.





Many fixes and improvements have been added to make SAGA-Property more powerful and user friendly. Like always many of the improvements and additions are based on user requests.

It is very important for continous improvements to receive as many suggestions and comments as possible on items that can be improved.
That will make the system better and more user friendly. Please continue to send us any ideas and improvement suggestions you have.

The highlights of changes in past releases:

1.       Customize Agent commission

1.1.  Commission Distribution Policy

1.2.  Commission Distribution detail report

1.3.  Commission Distribution autofill

. 2

2.       Property Document list table. 2

3.       Property Offer document 2

3.1.  Offer detail

3.2.  Validity period

3.3.  Seller/Buyer information

3.4.  Description

3.5.  Payment

3.6.  History

4.       Property Contract document 2

4.1.  Contract detail

4.2.  Commission



1.  Customize Agent commission

Custom calculation was implemented regarding to agent structure which set by company commission distribution rules.

1.1.  Commission Distribution Policy

Calculation method had implemented, amount of commission will calculate from previous agent performance. After calculated from contract commission percentage.

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 Commission policy table can be added step of commission distribution condition, each step can be adjust commission rate by accumulate commission of each sale representative.

1.2.  Commission Distribution detail report

Distribution detail report had implemented, all sales detail that made between filter period will display on screen and able to export as PDF format.

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1.3.  Commission Distribution autofill

Commission always calculated from contract price and agreed commission percentage or fixed commission. Agent Commission Distribution will calculate from property commission, example. Property price set as 22,000,000, commission set as 3% of contract price, during negotiate phase contract conclude price as 20,000,000. Commission pool will calculate from 3% of 20,000,000, 600,000. Agent A who close this deal already earned accumulate commission for 650,000 refer to 1.1 table Agent A will be distributed 42% of commission pool, 42% of 600,000, 252,000.

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Commission autofill only distribution guideline adjusting to any variation is allowed. 


2.  Property Document list table

Brand new property document list table had implemented.

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Property sale process document will track in document list table, Offer, Contract Deed. Document in same sale process will associated to each other.

Document list table will display create date/time and user

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3.  Property Offer document

Brand new property document list table had implemented.

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3.1.  Offer detail

3.1.1 Offer name

         Title of offer document. The name will display in property document list table.

3.1.2 Insurance company

        Insurance option for buy/rent property. The option can setup in administrator setting page

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3.1.3 Offer status

         Each offer will have 4 stage of sale

  • First offer
  • Counter offer
  • Accepted offer
  • Rejected offer

3.1.4 Office price

3.1.5 Create contract

        Contract able to create from Offer directly, contract can’t create from “Rejected offer”. Offer detail will inherit to associated contract when create.

3.2.  Validity period

       Time window for offer to increase chance of closing deal

3.3.  Seller/Buyer information

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 Seller and buyer will be registered in this tab. Seller information will pulled from property owner information and can’t be edited from offer. Buyer information able to add multiple record with owned percentage in case of purchase as party


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Buyer information will pull from Contact list, every registered record able to select with no need of re-enter personal information


3.4.  Description

 The description of offer document, all detail will print out in report.

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3.5.  Payment

 Payment term for purchasing property

 Dynamic tag

3.5.1 Payment breakdown

        Offer able to keep payment term in detail, e.g. deposit, loan amount

 Dynamic tag

 All payment term will display in total at right side of Offer page

 Dynamic tag

If payment not equal to offer price Red mark will apply at Difference amount 

3.6.  History

 Display edited transaction with edit date/time and user. Each transaction able to roll back to selected transaction

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4.  Property Contract document

Brand new property contract document list table had implemented. Each Contract must create from agreed offer. Information from associated offer with pass to contract as well. Most of section will be same and behave as Offer.

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4.1  Contract detail

4.1.1 Contract name

 Title of contract document. The name will display in property document list table.

4.1.2 Insurance company

 Insurance option for buy/rent property. The option can setup in administrator setting page.

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4.1.3 Associated offer

 Link back to offer of this contract.

4.1.4 Contract date

4.1.5 Deed date

4.1.6 Previous deed due

4.1.7 Contract price

4.1.8 Create deed

 Deed able to create from Contract directly, only for Sale property. Contract detail will inherit to associated deed when create.

4.2 Commission

Commission for sale representative will start calculated when contract is created. Amount of commission will base on commission pool which calculated from contract price and agreed commission.

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4.2.1 Commission Distribution

 Base on commission pool, amount of commission shall separate to Office and related staff. Amount of distribution able to set for each party.

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5.  Property Deed document

Brand new property deed document list table had implemented. Each Deed must create from agreed contract. Information from associated contract with pass to contract as well. Most of section will be same and behave as Offer.

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SAGA is under constant development and next release is already in progress.

If you have suggestions or comments on improvements and additions to SAGA Property, please send us email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best Regards

SAGA Property Team